Daffodil (Lent lily)

Potted Narcissus is a beautiful herald of spring that can blossom for a long time with proper care

The cooler the plant is inside, the longer it will blossom. In the garden it has few requirements and can be placed both in the shade and in the sun.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Around the Mediterranean Sea

    Narcissus means 'power of beauty' and is often given as symbol of friendship.
    Shelf life
    Narcissus in pots will simply grow in the pot. A cool, bright location will ensure a lifespan of multiple weeks.

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  •   Care tips florists
    • Narcissus can be stored cool, even in a cold store. The ideal storage temperature is 0-5 °C, however always only for as short as possible because it will otherwise not get enough light for too long and the buds can dry up. If the plant is stored in a location that is too warm it will ripen faster and the marketability will be less.
    • Present the Narcissus at a location as cool as possible.
    • Prevent condensation or humidity to come on the flowers, this can cause Botrytis on the bulb, the leaf, the stem or the flower.
    • Water once a week, if necessary.
    • Check the plant for faded flowers and other imperfections.
    • Watch out: All parts of the plant are toxic upon ingestion and can cause gastrointestinal complaints.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Even in winter conditions, Narcissus will manage to hold on  the balcony or terrace. Potted Narcissus do not require extra plant nutrition. The bulbs are full of nutrition that the flower can make use of.
    • The bulbs of overblown potted Narcissus can be put in the garden for a second life. Give them some time to die off completely before you cut off the stems, then they will come in bloom every spring and multiply themselves.