Potted Anthurium

The Anthurium has everything that you can expect from an attractive plant: it looks beautiful, it has an unprecedented fowering span, and it is remarkably easy to care for.

The Anthurium has everything you can expect of an attractive plant: beauty, an unprecedented long blooming period and a surprisingly simple care. Anthurium is an easy plant, but is remains a diva among the plants. She does not like to be ignored. In exchange for some attention, the Athurium gives a surprising lot back. So give her the attention she deserver: water her once a week, remove her ugly leafs and make sure that she can capture 

enough light.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Arum family, Araceae
    Flamingo Plant
    The variety Anthurium andreanum was discovered in 1876 during an expedition to the western side of the Andes in Colombia and Ecuador by the French botanist Eduard André (1840-1911).
    The genus name Anthurium is derived from the Greek words 'Anthos' and 'Oura', which mean ‘flower’ and ‘tail’ respectively. The name Anthurium, which translates freely as ‘tail flower’, is very appropriate for this plant with its spiked flower.
    Shelf life
    If the plant's leaves are shiny and it is producing new flowers, you can conclude that the plant is in suitable conditions. The care determines the lifespan and decorative value of the plant.
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Unwrap the plants directly upon arrival.
    • Do not let the ball of soil dry out, but take care not to over water.
    • Keep the temperature consistent, and avoid drafts.
    • Be sure to wrap the plant carefully before it leaves the store; it does not like the cold.
    • Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius.
  •   Care tips consumers

    Anthurium is an easy-going plant. However, it still retains its star power. It does not like being ignored. In return for a little attenion, an Anthurium gives a lot back. It blooms practically all year-round.

    • Water the plant regularly.
    • Anthuriums enjoy a well-lit spot best.
    • Give an Anthurium something extra now and then (plant food).


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