golden treasure kopie

Orchids are known all over the world! 

The flowers are leading by this beautiful plant.
The flowers are obviously the most stunning part of the plants but the leaves and the silver colored aerial roots can be very decorative too.
Sometimes these arial roots are used in bridal bouquets. 

The orchid family is one of the largest plant families on earth.
There are over 20.000 species! Certain species grow high in the trees in the rainforest.
Some of the epiphytes are nowadays kept as a houseplant. 

An orchid blooms for a very long period of time and has a long vase life. It’s an ageless and elegant product that will spice up any interior.




  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Zuidoost Azië
    liefde, charme, schoonheid en vruchtbaarheid
    Shelf life
    3 weken
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  •   Care tips florists

    -cut the stemps with a sharp knife

    -put the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water

    - if you want to use these flowers in a bouquet then use pastic tubes

    - phalenopsis is a strong flower 

  •   Care tips consumers

    - cut the stems with a sharp knife 

    - put the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water

    - Phalenopsis is a strong flower, if you want to enjoy her for a long time you have to refresh the water every week and cut the stemps again.