Peonies are one of the most loved flowers by brides for their endless layers of petals and subtle fragrance.

Peony time! Something to look forward to for many people. 

Who doesn’t love this beautiful flower? Contrary to most flowers that are available year round nowadays, the Peony is a real seasonal flower.
The product is only available for a short period of time around May.
The lush flowering, the sweet smell and their exclusivity is what makes it so desirable!


  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Decency, Victory, Transient affluence
    Shelf life
    Peony will last for between 5 and 14 days (depending on country of sale, shipping and storage time, the provision of cut flower food, freshness and conditions at the consumer).
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Paeonia can be stored on water with a conditioning agent in the refrigerator at 1-2° C. In raw stage cooling is sometimes applied for longer, which is however not recommended.
      Place the flower in clean water, in a clean vase or bucket.
      Remove 3-5 cm off the stem with sharp secateurs or a sharp knife.
      Remove the bottom leafs.
      Make sure there is no leaf hanging in the water, especially when other flowers have been combined with them.
      A preservative will ensure that the flowers will open nicely, that the leaf will not discolour and that the water will not be contaminated by bacteria. The flowers will open nicely at a higher temperature.
  •   Care tips consumers

    Clean water and the correct environmental temperature, that is what matters when it comes to cut flowers. Once bacteria emerge in the water, your flowers will go bad much faster.

    • If you follow these suggestions, you are able to enjoy your flowers for much longer.
    • Cut 3 to 5 centimetres off the stem with a sharp and clean knife. You can also use sharp secateurs for this purpose.
    • Remove the excess foliage, so that no leaf is hanging in the water.
    • Put the flowers in a sparkling clean vase with clean tap water.
    • Glass vases are best, because they are easier to clean than other materials. In addition, you can easily see if there is still enough water in there. To really kill all bacteria, it is best to clean the vase with a bit of chlorine.
    • Add, in the proper dosage, the supplied cut flower nutrition. In the cut flower nutrition there is a preservative allowing your peonies to last longer. This substance will keep the water free of bacteria. The flowers will open up more nicely and will go on for longer.
    • If you do not have cut flower nutrition, then you can also add a drop of chlorine to the water to prevent deposits in the vase and to prevent dirty water.
    • Fill the vase regularly: the peonies require a lot of water.
    • Do not put the flowers in a draft, in full sun or near another heat source.
    • Do not put your flowers near the fruit bowl. Fruit naturally emits ethylene gas. This hormone will ensure that flowers will age quicker.