Lisianthus is the consumer name. The Lisianthus, which according to new botanical insights should actually be called Eustoma, is well liked because of its authentic, natural flower and many colours. Moreover, the Eustoma looks good for a long period.

The Eustoma originates from North America where the plant grows in river beds in the desert and prairie regions. The flower is called ‘prairie gentian’ in the states of Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado.

Although the Eustoma originates from America, its triumph as a cut flower started in Japan. It was Japanese breeders who started to crossbreed the prairie gentian in the 1930s. The current range is the product of that crossbreeding in Japan. That is why this flower is known in Denmark as the ‘Japanese rose’.

Eustoma literary means ‘with a good mouth’. ‘Eu’ means ‘good’, ‘stoma’ means ‘mouth’. The name refers to the wide-open flowers.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    North America
    Shelf life
    Eustoma will last for between 7 and 14 days (depending on country of sale, shipping and storage time, the provision of cut flower food, freshness and conditions at the consumer).
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Eustoma can be stored in the cold store at 5 to 8 ºC.
    • Cut a few centimetres off the stems with a sharp knife or secateurs.
    • Ensure that there are no leaves in the water.
    • It may sometimes be a good idea to remove a few side shoots (buds or runners) or extra foliage. This will benefit the flowers’ lifespan.
    • Place the Eustoma in clean buckets or vases with clean water.
    • A preservative will ensure that the flowers open nicely and that the water is not contaminated by bacteria.
    • However, ensure that the flowers cannot become damp as a result of excessive humidity or condensation in the cellophane because of the risk of Botrytis. This is often referred to as spot on Eustoma flowers, or blight if it is on the leaf.
    • The Eustoma will open nicely at a higher temperature, provided that they were not too under-ripened when bought, particularly in the winter months.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Cut a piece off the bottom of the Eustoma’s stem and remove the lowest leaves.
    • Preferably use a glass vase. Pottery is harder to keep clean, and Eustoma is very sensitive to bacteria.
    • Place them in cold water.
    • Cut flower food will have a beneficial effect on the vase life. The flowers will open more attractively and will have a longer vase life. Even the smallest buds will open. with Eustoma the use of cut flower food can double the vase life.
    • Regularly top up the vase.
    • The flowers evaporate due to the thin petals, so do not place them in direct sunlight or next to other sources of heat


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