Those familiar with Sea Lavender as a vegetable might be surprised to learn that they can also buy this plant in a florist’s shop. Sea Lavender is not only tasty when fried gently with butter and scallion, the flowers of the plant are also magnificent to look at.

Variants like the limonium sinuatum tend to do better in a vase. These flowers are often sold under the name statice and are usually blue and sometimes there are yellow, lilac, pink and bicolour types. You also have beautifully branching types with almost foggy-like branches, full of small flowers in grey, blue or lilac tints.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Sea lavender
    Shelf life
    7 till 21 days, depending on the circumstances in the store, during transport and at home.
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Limonium can be stored in the cold cell at 2-5° C.
    • Upon arrival in the flower shop, immediately take the flowers out of the cellophane and do not leave them dry.
    • Take the bottom leaf from the stems and remove any damaged leafs or flower parts.
    • Place the flower in clean water, in a clean vase or bucket.
    • Cut 3-5 centimetres off te stems with sharp secateurs or a sharp knife.
    • A preservative will ensure that the flowers will stay beautiful for a longer period of time and that the water is not contaminated by bacteria.
    • Make sure that the flowers cannot get humid from too high atmospheric humidity (RH) or because of condensation in the cellophane. Also prevent temperature changes.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Cut 3 to 5 centimetres off the stem with a sharp and clean knife. You can also use sharp secateurs for this purpose.
    • Remove the excess foliage, so that no leaf is hanging in the water.
    • Put the flowers in a sparkling clean vase with clean tap water.
    • Glass vases are best, because they are easier to clean than other materials. In addition, you will be able to see easily whether there will still be enough water left
    • To really kill all bacteria, it is best to clean the vase with a bit of chlorine.
    • Add the supplied cut flower nutrition, in the proper dosage. In the cut flower nutrition there is a preservative allowing your sea lavender to go on for longer. That is because this substance will keep the water free from bacteria, which is something limonium is sensitive to.
    • If you do not have cut flower nutrition, you can also add a drop of chlorine to the water to prevent deposits in the vase and dirty water.
    • Refill the water regularly and also cut off the stems a bit.
    • Do not put the flowers in a draft, in the full son or near another heat source.
    • Do not put your flowers near the fruit bowl. Fruit naturally emits ethylene gas. This hormone will cause flowers to age faster.
    • Prevent the flowers from getting humid, and do not use a water spray on the sea lavender. This causes botrytis, a fungus infestation that will quickly turn your flowers ugly