The iris has something mysterious. It has colours in its colour palette which other flowers don’t have. And something magical. It is named after the rainbow goddess. Curious? We would like to introduce you.

The Iris is especially known for its many beautiful shades of blue, a colour that one does not often see in cut flowers. Irises also come in many other colours, including white, yellow and purple.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    De Iris komt van nature voor in het Middellandse Zee gebied
    Rainbow, Symbol for a message
    Shelf life
    Iris will last for between 5 and 12 days (depending on the provision of cut flower food, freshness and conditions at the consumer).
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Iris can be stored in the cold store at 2°C, preferably standing straight to prevent curved growth.
    • Place the Iris in clean buckets or vases with clean water.
    • Cut 3-5 centimetres off the stems with sharp secateurs or a sharp knife.
    • A preservative specially for bulb flowers will ensure that the flowers will open beautifully and the water will not be contaminated by bacteria.
    • Make sure that the flowers cannot get humid from too high atmospheric humidity (RH) or because of condensation.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Cut 3 to 5 centimetres off the stem with a sharp and clean knife. You can also use sharp secateurs for this.
    • Remove the excess foliage, so that no leaf is hanging in the water.
    • Put the flowers in a sparkling clean vase with clean tap water.
    • Glass vases are best, because they are easier to clean than other materials. In addition, it is easy to see if there is still enough water left. To really kill all bacteria, it is best to clean the vase with a bit of chlorine.
    • Add the supplied cut flower nutrition, in the proper dosage. There is a preservative in the cut flower nutrition allowing your Irises to go on for longer. This substance will keep the water free from bacteria. The flowers will open up more beautifully and will go on for longer.
    • If you do not have cut flower nutrition, you can also add a drop of chlorine to the water to prevent deposits in the vase and dirty water.
    • Refresh the water regularly and cut off the stems again.
    • Do not put the flowers in a draft, in the bright sun or near another heat source.
    • Do not put your flowers near the fruit bowl. Fruit naturally emits ethylene gas. This hormone causes flowers to age faster.