The Heliconia is a typical tropic flower that will stand fantastic in every living room or entrance hall. These beauties are also wonderful in a bouquet or an arrangement for special occasions or just to thank someone for his friendship.

The Heliconia family is a very big family, there are more than hundred different varieties. MDK Flowers and Greens has a lot of these varieties available. Some beauties from our assortment are  the Heliconia Tropical, Iris, Oriole Orange, Peachy Pink, Red Jewel, Heart of Gold, Sassy and Sexy Scarlet (also known as the hanging heliconia). Find out more about the wonderful world of exotic flowers and greens at www.mdk.nl  

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Heliconia is native from the tropics of South-America and the islands of the Western Pacific and Maluku.
    Happyness, beauty and love
    Shelf life
    If you treat your Heliconia well, they can have a vase life of more than three weeks. So we advise you to follow the caretips for consumers/florists below, to enjoy this beautiful flower as long as possible.
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Temperature during transport is not allowed to be under 15°C and not be above 25°C
    • When your Heliconia arrived in the box, please put them immediately on fresh water
    • Don’t remove the sleeve
    • If you make a nice bouquet or arrangement let the sleeve around the flower as lons as possible, otherwise the Heliconia is able to dry out
    • Don’t put the Heliconia in oasis, they can’t survive in this material. Better is to use some plastic tubes in water
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Remove the sleeve from the Heliconia when the customer is at home
    • Cut a piece off the end of the Heliconia (1-2cm diagonal)
    • Place them in cold water
    • Sprinkle the Heliconia every day with clear water
    • Put some flower food into the water
    • Protect Heliconia from direct sunlight, heat, cold and wind
    • Refresh the water each week