With their arens filled with magnificently coloured flowers, Gladiolas can reach heights of up to one-and-a-half metres. It is an ideal flower for large decorations in halls, or for adding rhythm, line and colour to cars, for example.

Grand and compelling, one can say that about the gladiolus. This hero likes to grow tall and will show you all its colours.The gladiolus stands out because the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem. It isn’t a delicate little flower and it likes to make a big statement in a vase. The flower is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream and multi-coloured.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Sword Lily
    Desire, Victory, Pride
    Shelf life
    5 till 12 days depending on the conditions at home and how fresh they are
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Gladiolus can be kept dry in the cold store at 2°C.
    • Upon arrival, Gladiolus can be kept cool and dry for several days, to limit opening quickly. Preferably straight upward, to prevent curving of the tops.
    • Place the flower in clean water, in a clean vase or bucket.
    • Cut 3-5 centimetres off the stems with sharp secateurs or a sharp knife.
    • A preservative specially for bulb flowers ensures that the flowers open beautifully and the water does not get contaminated by bacteria.
    • Make sure that the flowers, when they have opened, do not get humid from too high atmospheric humidity (RH) or because of condensation.
    • For the creation of bouquets and flower arrangements it is wise to take the length and weight of the flowers into account.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Cut 3 to 5 centimetres of the stem with a sharp and clean knife. You can also use sharp secateurs for this.
    • Remove the excess foliage, so that no leaf is hanging in the water.You can possibly remove a few buds from the top of the stem, allowing the other buds to open better.
    • Put the flowers in a sparkling clean vase with clean tap water.
    • Glass vases are the best, because they are easier to clean than other materials. In addition, it is easy to see if there is still enough water left. To really kill all bacteria, it is best to clean the vase with a bit of chlorine.
    • Add the supplied cut flower nutrition, in the proper dosage. In the cut flower nutrition there is a preservative allowing your gladiolus to go on for longer. That is because this substance keeps the water free from bacteria. The flowers will open up more beautifully and will go on for longer.
    • If you do not have cut flower nutrition, you can also add a drop of chlorine to the water to prevent deposits and dirty water.
    • Do not place the flowers in a draft, in the bright sun or near another heat source.
    • Do not place your flowers near the fruit bowl. Fruit naturally emits ethylene gas. This hormone will cause flowers to age faster