The Alstroemeria stands out because of its unusual shape and rectangular leaves that twist along the long stem. At the end of the stem, the plant forms several flower stalks, which grow brightly coloured flowers with interesting markings.

Alstroemeria originates from the cool mountainous regions of the Andes in Brazil, Peru and Chile. The flower is named after Clas Alstroemer. He was a Swedish lawyer and pupil of Linnaeus, the founder of the binary nomenclature on which the current naming of flowers and plants is based. Alstroemer collected many plants for Linnaeus in Europe, and in return Linnaeus named a plant after him. The flower was given the name Alstroemeria Aurantiaca.

The Alstroemeria has the symbolic meaning of friendship and dedication, which can be used as an extra sales argument.

  •   Properties
    Scientific name
    Inca Lily
    Alstroemeria originates from the cool mountainous regions of the Andes in Brazil, Peru and Chile.
    Devotion, Friendship
    Shelf life
    Alstroemeria will last for between 7 and 14 days (depending on country of sale, shipping and storage time, the provision of cut flower food, freshness and conditions at the consumer).
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  •   Care tips florists
    • Alstroemeria can be stored in the cold store at 2 to 5 ºC.
    • Place the Alstroemeria in clean buckets or vases with clean water.
    • A preservative will ensure that the flowers open nicely, the foliage does not yellow and the water is not contaminated by bacteria.
    • Cut 3 to 5 cm off the stems with a sharp knife or secateurs and remove the bottom leaves.
    • Ensure that there are no leaves in the water, particularly not when combining with other flowers.
    • The Alstroemeria will open nicely at a higher temperature, provided that they were not too under-ripened when bought, particularly in the winter months.
    • Ensure that the flowers cannot become damp as a result of excessive humidity or condensation in the cellophane. This will encourage Botrytis.
  •   Care tips consumers
    • Cut a piece off the end of the Alstroemeria’s stem.
    • Place the flower in cold water.
    • Cut flower food will have a beneficial effect on the vase life. The flowers will open more attractively and will have a longer vase life. There is a special bulb flower preservative for Lilium and Alstroemeria. This ensures that the foliage and the flower remain strong for longer.
    • The vase needs to be topped up regularly.
    • The best position for Alstroemeria is a cool spot. The flowers will be exhausted faster in a warm room, next to heat sources or in direct sunlight.
    • Alstroemeria may not be placed next to fruit because the fruit gives off ethylene gas which causes the flowers to age more rapidly.


Promotion Alstroemeria

The promotion of the Alstroemeria is powered by a collective of breeders and suppliers from Royal FloraHolland. They focus on getting the attention of florists to use the Alstroemeria more often and in different ways.

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