Nelleke Bontje

A radiant and energetic appearance - that's Nelleke Bontje in a nutshell. And that enthusiasm can be found on the website of her company, where she passionately shares her experiences with other enthusiasts in the flower world. Since her experiences with flowers have brought her to many special places in the world, by far and away she is not at all ready yet telling them.

After training floral art Nelleke Bontje (1982) first decided to travel the world. As a ‘Flying Florist ' she visited numerous businesses and cities like Quito ( Ecuador ), Sydney, Milan, New York and New Orleans. She made floral creations in catalogs. She hopped from wedding to wedding, and in New York she did studio work for product promotions, events and parties.

Between all Nelleke’s trips she was always welcome coming home at her parents’ and their flower shop. Once back home she could bring into practice her gained inspiration for the annual Christmas shows, various events, decorations and in the shop. Always attracted to the foreign trips she recently demonstrated for Japanese teachers in Kyoto and assisted preparing an huge wedding in Monaco.

Also in our own country Nelleke is working as a freelancer for Keukenhof and Floriade FloraHolland, but also as the owner of her company she is active. By means of her online platform, she shares her floral knowledge and ideas, writes interesting blogs. She offers inspiration and - very special - makes practical how-to-make DVDs full of tips and tricks on various floral themes. 

As a passionate floral artist, her great incentive is to make live more beautiful with flowers and to inspire people with the miracales of nature. Her dream: to produce a book with amazing flower arrangements at the most beautiful places in the world with accompanying video documentaries. Cooperation with Flower Factor brings everything a lot closer.

For Flower Factor Nelleke - with her extensive (international) experience - will work as a reporter traveling the flower world. During her Floral Road trips Nelleke talks to growers about their products and their passion. She will make how-to,-make video’s and possibly writing blogs / columns. In short, we join forces in order to increase the floral experience worldwide and to bring all the ' Factors’ in the ' Flower' world together.



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