Flower Factor Team

Meet our great Flower Factor team! Together we have all the expertise to inspire and educate all the factors in this industry. We're also able to present it in a way so its valuable and easy to work with. Our mission is to bring all flower factors together so we are able to learn from each other, grow and expand in our businesses and passions.

With this team we have marketing experts who will help you to market your business and craftmanschip the best way. We have experts in video production, these guys know how to tell stories and translate them into great images that really ask for more. We also have the best floral designers who know how to make great designs and commercial object that will inspire all florists, students and teasers to look differently at floral designs which will make them stand out.

Together with the best growers of beautiful flowers and plants, suppliers of everything florists need, friends and collaborations with great companies in this industry we are able to make this all happen. 



Pim van den Akker is an internationally renowned floral designer, the driving force behind his company PimDesigned and founder of Flower Factor (2012). 

E | info@pimvandenakker.com
T | +31 (0)15 - 380 50 95



Mirjam Hendriks is founder of Admire Consult (2010). As marketeer in the agro business she has worked for several year at the Dutch flower counsil Bloemenbureau Holland in management and strategic positions.

E | m.h.hendriks@kpnmail.nl
T | +31 (0)6 - 13 71 54 05