Urban jungle with Bromeliads

Flower Factor loves putting the Bromeliads in the spotlights. These beautiful and unique plants can really brighten up a living room and give it a tropical atmosphere. Show your customers how these plants might look in a home by creating decorative displays in your shop.

As most Bromeliads flower for months on end, it is a grateful plant to have at home. Create your own urban jungle with Bromeliads, whether it is in your store or your own home. Here's some Bromeliad inspiration: 

Bromelia at home 1

Display those Bromeliads

Bromelia at home 1.2

Two different types of Tillandsia

Bromelia at home 1.1

Tillandsia for your urban jungle

create an urban jungle tillandsia

Display those Tillandsias

create an urban jungle with Bromeliads

Create an urban jungle with Tillandsia

create an urban jungle

Show off these deep purple colours

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