Looking for ideas for an Easter flower arrangement? We'd love to share some Easter flower inspiration!

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Veerkrachtig Design

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witte paas!

lisianthus pasen

Easter flower arrangement with Lisianthus

easter flower arrangement Dianthus Flower Factor

Easter arrangement with Dianthus

idea chrysanthemum arrangement spring Flower Factor Pim van den Akker

Spring Chrysanthemum design


Pink gerbera's for an Easter table


Easter arrangment by David Ragg


Design with soft yellows and fresh greens


Easter design with shades of pink


Elegant ostrich egg design

IMG 0364

Decorative and simple with eggs


Flower arrangement with Cymbidium


Easter piece a little bit different

LZorchidee cymbidium kaarsvet pasen

Easter ball

570A9575 kopie 2

Real Easter with yellow Cymbidiums

Fiore pasen anthuriums compositie

Easter composition 'Pistache' variety

Hofland freesia pasen monoboeket

Fragrance & yellow

Deliflor lente compositie pasen chrysant

Spring green

arrangement pasen voorjaar mixed

Yellow is the colour of Easter

Holstein gerbera pasen voorjaar klemmen buisjes

Beautiful Gerbera clamped in wood

Hofland freesia wikkelen pasen2

Freesia's winded in bamboo


Fun creation for Easter

Helleborus cutflower 1

Beautiful & simple

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