#7 Mini Floral TweetJam

At the Seasonal Trade Fair 2016 in Naaldwijk, Flower Factor together with Royal FloraHolland organized the second edition of the Florist Event. One of the highlights was a mini Floral TweetJam! Watch a compilation of the Trade Fair below or the full registration of the TweetJam. Admire the beautiful work created by these floral designers: David Ragg, Geertje Stienstra, Inge Quint, Sarah Dikker, Yvonne Scheenloop, Gea Korpel-Beskers, Therese Heemels Janssen and Janneke Camps.


Flower Factor's #FFTJ07 - mini Floral TweetJam

Schermafbeelding 2016 03 15 om 16.47.07

Watch the full report: #7 mini Floral TweetJam

David Ragg close

Flower arrangement by David Ragg

Gea Korpel Beskers

Creation by Gea-Korpel-Beskers

Inge Quint

Design by Inge Quint

Janneke Camps close

Flower arrangement by Janneke Camps

Regina Motmans boeket

Bouquet by Regina Motmans

Sarah Dikker

Bouquet by Sarah Dikker


Arrangement by Geertje Stienstra


Arrangement by Therese Heemels Janssen

IMG 3182

Yvonne Scheenloop and Pim van den Akker

gesprek Pim en Lucas Vos

Pim van den Akker and Royal FloraHolland CEO Lucas Vos

foto 6 Gea Korpel

Flower arrangement by Gea Korpel-Beskers

foto 2 Regina Motmans 4

Arrangement by Regina Motmans

foto 3 Geertje Stienstra 4

Design by Geertje Stienstra

David Ragg 3

Design by David Ragg

foto 8 Theresa Heemels 2

Design by Therese Heemels Janssen

Geertje Stienstra 1

Design by Geertje Stienstra

Inge Quint 2

Bouquet by Inge Quint

Janneke Camps 2

Floral arrangement by Janneke Camps

Regina Motmans 3

Floral design by Regina Motmans

Sarah Dikker 1

Bouquet by Sarah Dikker

Regina Motmans 2

Bouquet by Regina Motmans

Yvonne Scheenloop 2

Floral arrangement by Yvonne Scheenloop

Yvonne Scheenloop 1

Design by Yvonne Scheenloop

foto 7 David Ragg 2

Design by David Ragg

foto 4 Geertje Stienstra 3

Arrangement by Geertje Stienstra

Theresa Heemels 1

Floral arrangement by Therese Heemels Janssen

foto 5 Inge Quint 1

Design by Inge Quint

foto 9 Sarah Dikker 2

Design by Sarah Dikker

foto 9 Sarah Dikker 3

Plant arrangement by Sarah Dikker

foto 10 Yvonne Scheenloop 3

Plant arrangement by Yvonne Scheenloop

foto 11 Regina Motmans 1

Design by Regina Motmans

foto 12 Janneke Camps 1

Design by Janneke Camps

Gea Korpel 2

Design by Gea Korpel-Beskers

Inge Quint 3

Floral arrangement by Inge Quint

Regina Motmans 5

Arrangement by Regina Motmans

Geertje Stienstra 2

Plant arrangement by Geertje Stienstra

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