Flower Factor Designers


Bea Beroy

"I love nature and I love to work with the elements that nature offers us and transform them I like to use different techniques to get new working ideas."


Nelleke Bontje

A radiant and energetic appearance - that's Nelleke Bontje in a nutshell. And that enthusiasm can be found on the website of her company Floralist.nl, where she passionately shares her experiences with other enthusiasts in the flower world.

menno kroon

Menno Kroon

"Carrying a travelling rose with you all day. All the way to the bedside cabinet.”

David Ragg picture

David Ragg


Alex Segura

"Alex Segura Arana is happy to be able to share his love for flowers and floral design through his work as a teacher and as a florist.'

pim home2

Pim van den Akker

"I believe it’s important to be able to share, and tell people or (even better!) show them what our business is all about and how we are able to turn a beautiful product into beautiful creativity"

resizedimage250374 jan van doesburg2

Jan van Doesburg

"Flower design in a broad perspective": for me counts both the working practice of designing with organic material as well as the flower designing artistic thinking."

resizedimage250225 klaus wagener2

Klaus Wagener

"Working with floral materials gives us, the florists, access to nature- to experience the change of seasons, and ultimately the globalized world of plants creatively. It is a cycle of constantly reinventing itself as new."


Frédéric Dupré

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