Deliflor Chrysanten

Passion is the driving force behind chrysanthemum breeder Deliflor Chrysanthemums. The passion to strive for perfection.

To continue where others stop. And to discover surprising new varieties continually. It has made Deliflor into what it is today: a close family business with a hands-on mentality, which can be regarded as being the largest chrysanthemum breeder in the world. 

However, the power of Deliflor goes beyond just passion. It is also about cooperation, in order to have attention for the grower, the florists and last but not least the consumers: these so important end users of our beautiful product. For this reason, only professionals work at Deliflor, who provide the producers and partners all the tools and guidance in order to work most efficiently and grow the highest quality chrysanthemums. 


Flower Factor video tutorials for Deliflor:

Schermafbeelding 2016 10 20 om 14.44.06 Schermafbeelding 2016 10 20 om 14.49.31 flower factor video deliflor

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Visiting address:
Korte Kruisweg 163
2676 BS Maasdijk
The Netherlands

Postal address:
Deliflor Chrysanten B.V.
Postbus 77
2676 ZH Maasdijk
The Netherlands

+31 (0)174 - 526 200
+31 (0)174 - 526 203

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